hi - i'm new to your group - i am the mother of a 13 yo boy and i am concerned that he may have been sexually abused. i know that he was physically abused in 1999 by my ex - not his father - but the only reason i bacame aware of it was because the man lost it in front of my 14 yo daughter an d 4 of their friends - hit him so hard in the head that he fell off of a jungle gym - landed on his head. he subsequently developed problems with his ears - his ent said were consistent with a blow to the head. i have had(and still have) him in counselling, have a restraining order against the man, and have tried talking to him myself. he did so poorly in the school year following this that i kept him back a year, but i continue to see problems. he said he was threatened by the man if he told about the physical abuse and that i wouldn't believe him anyway, but when i have questioned him about sexual abuse, he says he doesn't know, he's not sure, he doesn't remember, etc. he continues to do poorly in school, is very forgetful, has many complaints of vague ailments and real ailments - such as constipation, headaches, stomach upset. he has outbursts on occaision of rage and violence. Question - are these signs and symptoms of sexual abuse and or physical abuse? where do i go from here? his counselling is through MSPCC, but he has not discussed any part of the abuse with the counsellor - is this something that will come with time or should i be seeking another counsellor? he seems to like and respond to him. Help!