My bf went to his counselling session last night only to be confronted by his counsellor's manager (the counsellor works through a clinic) who said that from what he has revealed in his session, they may take legal action against his perp. (the perp is still in a position where he has access to kids in an authority position). (FYI My BF is taking action against his perp through the perp's professional association, but not legally. This process requires written documentation but not verbal documentation, and it could also result in the perp not having contact with kids anymore)

If this case does go legal then I suppose he will be required to testify against this guy, something that I am not sure he'd ever be able to do.

Just so heartwrenching - my BF musters up enough strength to go to a counsellor to find someone to pour his heart out to and to trust, and this happens. Hopefully he doesn't stop going to counselling.. he was doing so well and now this hurdle.

I just hope this doesnt cause him to go into a backspin and undo all the great work he's done to date. It just seems like all of these cases revictimize the victim - i'm sure he doesnt want to go over this again, especially in public.