First of all, I would like to thank everyone who responded to my posts. It was much appreciated.

I havent talked to my friend/companion in a week. Ever since he told me of his abuse, it has been down hill from there. He talked to me the first couple days. Then he hasnt talked to me since. Its actually been a week today. I really dont know how to feel. In a way, I feel kind of numb. But also its an open wound that I am trying to deal with. I am really starting to believe that everything we had and have been building in the past three years is a lie. I am not saying its a waste, cause its not. It taught me lessons too. But everything he ever told me and made me believe, I feel like is a lie. Everything he always said he wasnt, and wouldnt do is a lie. He has proven to me this past week, that he can just turn me off, and walk away. Like its nothing to him. I guess I just have to keep working on things within me.

Any advice someone would like to give will be greatly appreciated. I need it right now.

I will be fine. One thing that I know to be a fact, is..........LIFE GOES ON...and ITS ONLY GOING TO MAKE ME STRONG.

with love and respect for all of you...