I have read your posts and they help NAME some of the issues and deal with them. Thank you.

I can relate to some of the issues already. I have experienced anger, lies, deception, hurt, jealousy, etc. from SA friend. It amazes me that I have not given up on him. One of the reasons is that I told him that I would not and I try to be a woman of my word. The other is probably that I have my own life (we live in different states) and friends. That helps balance things out and keeps me grounded in reality. Still, there are tough moments. But the bottom line is, I care about the man, and want to make sure he does not get lost in this madness and confusion hidden in fantasy and many times removed from reality. Besides, if I were in his shoes I would want him to stick by me.

So I pray and do research: I have read so many books that I can now look at the stories. I see him in some of them. I want to make sure that someday, I will be able to listen to his (when he is ready) in hopefully the right way. In the meantime, I decided to keep this relationship at a friendship level (He had mentioned marriage in the past.) until we can communicate in a healthy way. Yes, I know SA does not go away overnight.

I also gave him some of the books I thought might be useful and one of them must have hit home because now he seems to have disappeared behind an invisible wall.

I am not sure where this will lead. I would appreciate your comments.


Life is moving on. AM I?