i am just wondering if other wives of survivors are going through the same things i am. of course there are many issues right now, but the biggest is the fact that my husband doesn't know if he wants our marriage any longer. (i have been privately discussing this with Lloyd, and thank you very much Lloyd for all of your advice, but i want to see what other wives have to say about this). my husband has become very cold...he once was a very loving and affectionate guy. since he disclosed his SA, he hasn't wanted to be around me. he doesn't know if he has feelings for me...he might even want to separate for some time. he doesn't want to discuss our marriage because he is scared he might say the wrong thing or do something he will regret. it is so hard not knowing whether my husband actually wants me anymore...my mind is just bogged up with questions of what is real. is anybody else going through this or is just my horrible luck???