This morning my BF told me he's going to finally file the last bits of info. for his case against his SA perp. Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary - (yeah we actually had our first date on 9/11/2001!) and I think he wants to make a "fresh start" of things. We just got back from a long vacation together this weekend and this case was on his mind the whole time and he wishes that he had done it before we left. It has been hard for him though, to go back into his past and call all kinds of people and say "remember when I told you about this incident? Will you be willing to validate/verify that I discussed this with you, etc?" Some of those people included ex coworkers, ex girlfriends, etc. It must not have been easy for him. I can now truly understand how any case often "revictimizes" the victim/survivor - the people who received the initial notification of the complaint actually asked him "so why didnt you file this case earlier"?? Like he needs more blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for the next few months - I dont know how this is all going to unfold but I would imagine that it will be difficult. I know that when this complaint is finally fully filed the SA perp. will have a chance to read the whole case and he will reply in writing, which my BF will then be able to read (could you imagine reading that?? AUGHGHGHGH I'd probably poop my pants with anxiety and fear - I bet this arsehole is going to completely deny his behaviour..)

Hopefully his case will be successful. He needs some relief and acknowledgement (vindication?) of this abuse.. after carrying the pain for 16 years!! (FYI this is not a legal case but a complaint to his perps' "professional association".. but if the guy loses his job/career it will at least be some kind of vindication!!!).

Keep your fingers crossed for my brave BF!!!!