Hey.. last night the BF told me about the progress about his case against his perp.. he's had to go back into his past and dig up witnesses, one of which is his ex girlfriend. I felt really awful and started crying (not in front of him) when he told me this (I made up some lame excuse that I had to get home). I mean, I know he HAS to do this, to contact her, and I understand in my mind that he has to do this, but am I a real lame jerk to feel the way I do? That he contacted her after 9 years? I guess, I just wish he'd kept me in the loop, that he would have told me what he was planning on doing before he did it, not after. I kind of figured he'd contact her, however.

Anyhow.. no major issue arose from this, we didnt fight, he understood why I'd be a bit upset, etc. I just wish I had the capacity to be more supportive about this. To his face I was all supportive but inside I was pretty shaken. Not feeling good about that.