hello, i am new to the internet and really need some advice, opinions from some of you that have been there. I will explain the basics and then if you need more info to help with this i can fill you in.
my son age 11 came to us a few months ago with the facts of sexual/ abuse/ molestation by a cousin, that has went on for apx 5-6 years off and on the best we can put together everything.....has taken place. we went to counciling and he seems much better, although we are faced with the issue of how to we face/ deal with my husbands nephew that did all of these things to our son. some of the incident even at our home. his parents have taken him to counciling also but it is really tearing our family. the nephew is 4 years older and has always been immature for his age. so far we have had no contact with him. and our son says he dont want to see him. his parents are tring to have us all get together and discuss how we are going to handle this. i have went to counciling and read books but i really need some help from someone that may really know what will be the best for my son. if he says he doesnt want to see him we are ok to honor that, is that the best thing? should they ever talk? please any advice and if you need mre info id be glad to fill you in.

thanks in advance for your help i know i checked the right place for info.