Today men can cry and can go to Therapist so the numbers of male rape victems that haven't offed themselfs is going up so fast, that they are just raining down to earth again!!!!

I flipped out 15 mounths ago with flashbacked of being raped by an older friend at 11. Have been to lots od MD's, Therapist, have read alot and talked to 1000's of people about this. My abuse went on for 4 years which left me with 1000's of different flashbacks. I have now washed the flashbacks enough to remeber all the little details and when one starts, I can shut it down by pulling up the memorie...memory...whatever...and the flashback stops. Whatever, I'm past all of the rough stuff and can look at the whole thing now and really see where all the parts fit...can't fit them together right now but maybe someday. I would like to share what I have learned and get some feed back on how nuts I am!

Raping of the sexes....Female and Male

Females have been made stronger then men in mind and body...not battle skills but more and better parts....Why...So that the Famale aminal can reperduce and raise the child when the male runs off...most male aminals do not hang around to take care of therir young or even wait for them to be born...So females have to be made smarter and stronger!
Do they handle being raped any better...don't know..I'm not a women and don't have personal facts to back up what I have learned from others!!!

Men with a history of SA is something that I know a lot about...but still not enough!!! When men are raped they go nuts and stay that way...can get it to a point of control but are alls nuts from it!!!!!!!!! Lets hear it from some completly recovered nut...who thinks he is and is more nuts from denial that the nuts that are under control!!! A man mind is fairly simple to any skilled female...He wants something...does a lot of thinking about it ...then sometimes he just goes for it...never has a true reason why..until you squeeze it out of him! All men want sex..MOST...jack off and think about what they want to do....some go forth and act it out for real!!!!! SA men are just as horny as all men BUT...they have a hard time trying to figger out what kind of sex they want...so most jack off and think about it...some go forth to act it out!!!! Now the Jack-Offs will always be nuts and like a little boy with sex!!!! The go forth men will most likely get into trouble by not knowing what they really need....the ones that are married really fuck up big time!!! The men that are really Gay have it the easiest...taking control of what was done to him and acting it out is just fun it the Gay World....I'm not saying that a Gay man with SA does not suffer...just trying to say that the others are very comfussed about sex and get into trouble trying to act it out with other men!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, we got jack_off that think about having sex with men and boys...men who go forth and ack it out but do jack off and think about it too...and men who live in denial of the SA and maybe the nutest of all SA men!!!!

Men of SA know that sex has been changed forever for them...they think that it sucks...and fall apart in many ways..Anger is the first, hardest and longest lasting...Whatever, I will talk of what I know but will point out the other path the a men of SA must walk.

Men that have been abused as a child by men or other boys...Boys who have been raped anally from the age of 10 and up....
Sexual Control is the true path to happiest...There are TWO ways to go here...two paths...a split in the road...some here want to be in control in as an Active Top...Complete control...Some of theses are Peds. and I took the other path...not saying that I don't have understanding and compassion for the Peds.....just don't understand that path!!!! The Passive Path....passive not submitive....want to be the bottom but in control!....one thing...most SA men don't know what they want or need...or don't want to admit it....Theses are the men that I know are going to get into trouble when they act on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heres where the Jack-Offs think of having sex with hung men or any thing is close to one. They know that their but is on fire...like being in heat...some men will flip out and do anything to find relief...I did...Whatever, If the guy isn't gay ...he is just VERY attacted to have sex with the part of his body that was raped....and he lets another man do it to him...he will feel like he is being raped and not in control...unless he finds a man who will let him have complete of it....Control of acting it out is the most important thing!
Now we cme to another split...married or not....or not can do what they want to and to who ever they want to is acting it out.....married have to do it with their wifes or they will be in trouble...big time....here most men stop and will not ass the wife to do it for them....they go outside the marriage...Too bad he couldn't ask....or Too Bad, she wouldn't do it! The hardest part is getting started but once into it...the man finds true control of the type of sex that he needs the most...True Happiest...for awhile these men are at peace with the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!