Remember that you have had a long time to try to deal with what happened to you and it is new territory for your girlfriend. It is hard for those of us who love you guys to know how to relate to what has happened to you. Do we reach out? Do we step back and wait for you to reach out? What do you need? Do you trust us to love you and to touch you or is that threatening? Do we give you time to hide behind your walls or do we go in after you? I am sure your girlfriend cares for you very much and maybe in a way she sees your hurt more than you do. It probably seems hard for you but you need to help her. It is so hard for us to understand your needs. AND we are probably angrier at your abuser than you are. We never had them guilt us out so we can see what creeps they were with our eyes wide open. Do we dare say so though, or will that make you feel worse? So many thoughts go through our mind. Have you allowed your girlfriend to let her feelings out about it? Ask her what she felt when you first told her. Might help you both out.

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