I wish you well in your efforts to find a group for him, the closest i ever came to finding one was being in a mens support group that was for general mens issues and not focused on abuse.

I had one therapist in the past that i worked with one on one about my abuse issues that put together a group for male survivors based on her cients and the clients of other therapists she knew, it worked out pretty good for me.

Aside from the therapist setting one up i have never found a group for just guys that focused on abuse stuff.

I have been in mixed groups several times and yeah, there are a few things everyone has to adjust too, all male would be nice, i am beginning to wonder if they even exist.


I asked him about this law he spoke of, he said,,, *watch* he then asked the others to share about their lives,,, the others talked of how things were for them, how things worked in their lives,,, and as they believed, it was so.