Hi everyone I need to talk tonight but nobody to talk to so here I am. Here goes.
I recently (about a year ago)found out that my husband was s abused as a child. His abuser was his older brother. I didnt find this (the abuse) out until after his brother moved away from us. He now lives in another state and I am thankful not to have to see him. Well somehow he got our new phone number and he called today. I HATE him so much for all of the pain and confusion that he has caused my husband. But noone in the family knows about the abuse except ME! It is a great weight. I am finding ways to deal with it but today was hard. I dont understand how he can just pretend to my husband that everything is great. And I also cant understand how my husband can even talk to him. The thought of him makes my stomach turn. I kind of HAVE TO be nice because of the family politics but it kills me. I am scared because I dont know how to deal with all of this hate and anger. I have never felt this way, ever. I thought that venting here would make me feel better, but I can see that it is just making me more upset so I better go.