I am at the point where I have tried everything I can to help and I dont seem to be getting anywhere. I think I really need to think of me now and take care of myself because I know for a fact that I have been neglecting myself for quite some time now. I am so hurt inside and confused and sad and all I want to do lately is cry. I love him so much more than he can love me right now and it is getting me nothing but heartache. The only thing I am confused about is how do I start taking care of me? What do I do to take care of me? He has been the center of my every thought for so long I dont remember what my life was like before him. I was consumed by him and taking care of him. He has so much anger and confusion and hurt inside I dont know if I or anyone else can help him right now. Two weeks ago I found out more about the abuse he endured and I was shocked, I cried for the childhood he lost, I cried for the pain that was inflicted on him. I want to be there for him but he doesnt seem to want my help anymore. I dont know if I have the right to tell him how much he is hurting me because of the hurt he seems to be constantly going thru himself. Do I tell him and put that much more pressure on him? He is going thru so much. But so am I.