Thanks for the input.
What all of you said makes a lot of sense.
It's easy to get pestimistic....especially before when I had no outlet to vent.
Also, my husband is great at solving problems. In the begining, I was so confused I was looking to him for answers and when I wasn't getting any I got scared and frustrated. Now I have a better idea of what he is going through.

The second is that he probably still imagines that "recovery" would mean forgetting what happened. But none of us get that. Recovery is far more complex, but it IS possible. What we get to do is not forget the past, but change how it affects us in the present and future
This is right on. I think we both were hoping to forget this whole incident. We were both in denial and didn't want to deal with all this stuff. I am starting to understand this is going to be a long hard road. Unfortunatly, I don't thing my husband is ready to deal with all this yet