Hello. I have just joined this web group to seek some guidance.
Just recently my boyfriend of 1 year revealed to me that he was sexually abused when he was about 10 years old by his cousin on several occasions.
I am so confused and feel like a heavy weight has been dropped on me because I am the only one he has ever told since it happend (he is 26 now).
I don't even know where to begin to help him with his healing process. I realize it has started with him telling me and breaking his silence.
It has become apparent that this has caused him great pains over the years and festered in many different ways while he choose to ignore the reasons bad things were happening.
Probably the biggest effect has been a violent nature. He has a physically abusive relationship with a girl in college that was pretty severe. His girlfriend before myself he has admitted to some violent behavior towards her and no wI find myself being the one who is at the recieving end. He has never hit me or hurt me but there have been 4 times were I was grabbed very hard and had my hair pulled and some slight pushing.
After the last event of this I called the poilce and it was after that time when all of this about his past came out.
He needs help and I feel like I have the pressure to see to it that he gets it because he has trusted me with this information. I have convinced him to tell his mother but refuses to tell his father or sister.
I just need to know how to guide him and if anyone out there can help me or even relate.
Thanks for listening!