I thank those who replied. I was beginning to feel like there was no one out there who was listening even though I am screaming. I now have a serious hunch that my husband has started a website where you are charged for "admission." I think it may be porn. I know just enough about the net to get to a certain point, and then I can't get any more info out of our computer. This is the second time in our relationship that he has had problems with the internet. Last time, he was having a supposedly non-sexual internet relationship with a girl. I also have discovered that he has frequented several love and relationship matching sites--I don't know if he has registered with them or not, but it is hurtful all the same. All the evidence points to him seeking out other women on the web. I just keep wondering if I shouldn't just give up...is there a male out there who can give me a clue on what he is going through? He has been diagnosed with depression as well. How about a female that has experienced this with her husband? Please email me. I feel like I am going crazy!