Hello,I have beem married for 16 years. We have a family. My husband has only within the last 3 years of our marriage confided the whole truth concerning his abuse as a child.He hinted about it many times ,however had never really addressed it head on. The times I had tried to talk to him he would clam up. As it turns out the abuse covered many years and to make matters worse, when he went to ask for help ;he was not helped as a child, so the abuse continued. The abuse was sexual, mental, Physical.My heart aches whenever I see him in pain.Which is very often lately.He never sleeps well anymore.too many night mares.He has engaged in destrustructive behavior.He is seeing a therapist for help and has since ceased his destructive behavior. We as a couple are taking things very slow and try to deal with things on a one day at a time basis.Sometimes we have good days ,sometimes not.But I feel as long as we try there is always hope.I love this man very much.I am in this for the long haul,he is the father of my children, my best friend,my lover, you name it.
I am looking for any information I can find that will help me be the best support I can be for him.This is hard work.But taht is what real love is...work. If there are any wives out there that have walked this path before and have some practical advise or ideas,I would greatly appreciate that.Thank you for giving me this opportunity to find more help.This is one of the few forum places I have found for loved ones and family member of male survivors.