Um, hi. I'm new to all this, i didn't realise the internet was so helpful when coming to solve problems. There's all this stuff everywhere Suicide, abuse, Euthnasia.
Anyway, the real reason i am here. My boyfriend was abused last year when he was only just 15 year's old. He never told anyone (until he told me quite recently) and as a result tried to commit suicide and self harmed for a long time. When he told me, my entire heart melted because he felt that he could trust me enough to tell me. But now i don't knwo what to think, some nights i lie awake just thinking how awful it must have been for him. I don't really know what to do. Talking to someone who is a friend, family or spouse would really be beneficial for me i think, woulod it be possible for someone to post me a reply or an e-mail. SO i'm not alone on this?
Love and hugs