my husband of nine years reveled to me that he was sexually abused as a child for a couple of years. I know the abuser. I have been with my husband for 19 years, we used to see this person long before we were married, I always thought he was a little odd. we haven't seen him in years now. My husband is at a point where he would like to talk to his parents (they learned of abuse shortly aafter me) about feelings he has had since he was a child. That they did not care enough to know that something very wrong was going on right under their noses. His father being very selfish made matters worse by belittling him and having his needs always come first. He is afraid to talk to them though in that he will yell and walk out. I say they owe him they need tio answer his questions now. maybe he will feel a little better if he gets answers and may realize that they really do love him very much. anyone have anything similar going on now or in the past?