Hello,my name is Val, and my hubby is a survivor of being sexually abused as a child, by 3 different family members one of which was a minister. This is all new to me, and when he told me this, my heart went out to him, yet I didn't know what to say or do. And this is why he says he drinks, as he is an alcoholic too. We are struggling to keep our relationship together, and when I try to get him into counseling he says he's been there done that it don't help, and he even admitted that he loves me but he don't really know if he knows what that really is. I'm confused and so lost, I just want to understand, and to find a way to stop him from suffering. He says he can't sleep at night unless he's had a few drinks, as he relives this over & over. He will be 44 this month, and he's been trying to run from this all his life. I am open for any & all advice.