Thank you sas,I appreciate your kind words.Its hard for me to keep from jumping in and trying to "save" him,even tho I know it won't work.So that is why I'm doing this without his knowledge...kuz I know he will have to some other things to deal with than I have.I've had two years of counseling,and he,interestingly enough,is studying to become a counseler.I am very glad that he decided to tell me,cuz he knew already what I had been thru (I mean,he didn't even tell his g/f).Thankfully he isn't expecting me to save him,but to just be there when he needs support.He's under a lot of stress right now,so he's got denial protecting him,but he knows that when the time comes he'll deal with I hope we're on the right track.Anyway,I will keep what you have said close to wishes to you and your hubby-Ktulu

Who made you God to say,"I'll take your life from you!"