I started seeing a wonderful guy about 2 years ago who made me feel so alive and who just gave to me and never took. After 3 weeks of seeing eachother, I noticed that he was avoiding full sex and I became concerned. It was at this point that he told me that he had been sexually abused by a female for many years of his childhood. He doesn't feel comfortable with having full sex - it freaks him out. He said that I was one of only 3 other people he had told about this and by telling me he felt like he had stopped running away. Well, it didn't take long for him to start running away again and we have drifted in and out of friendship/ relationship ever since. In his past he has been sexually untrustworthy and I know he can't offer me a stable loving relationship as he is but I can't help wanting a relationship with him. I care deeply and the attraction is strong - we get drawn back to eachother somehow. He suffers from non-existant self-esteem, emotional numbness and severe mood swings. Nobody seems to see this except me because he puts on his 'Mr Happy' routine for everyone else. (Humour seems gets him through everything). He will not deal with his abuse as an issue -he says he won't need to if he avoids emotional/sexual relationships. He thinks that is better for me too - if I find a 'normal' boyfriend and forget about him. I don't know if his is capable of feeling love for me but I know I love him and I don't want to walk away but he runs away from me ever time we close anyway!He refuses to heal - Anyone got any advice?