If you are close to any survivor of rape,abuse,incest,molestation may I suggest that even if your partner does not get counseling for their problems (which I hope they are or will)- that "you" yourself get counseling. The things of it is is that something as sick and as serious as this affects the people around the victim/survivor and in many ways you may be experiencing similar problems and conditions as that person. You must look after the victim/survivor and be there for them. But you have to be careful that you look after and take care of yourself as well.
That is why not only am I going through my therapy and counseling and group sessions for my gang rape, but my wife is seeing a therapist to help her handle my problems as well as her feelings and her problems.
It helps - it works, and you'll both be better off for it! I hope you will consider it, it sure has brought my wife and I closer and to a better understanding of how the other one feels and what the other is going through. It opens that communication by giving you the skills to know and learn how to deal with each "mood" one of you may be facing.
I hope this helps some of you. As a survivor I know the pressure it puts on a loved one to have to see their loved one going through something so severe and traumatic.
GADZOOK (dave)