Hello. I have a question for some of you and a comment for some others. First the question. It is absolutely normal for male survivors to question their sexuality. What I would like to know is if males who have been abused by females also question their sexuality or if only males that have been abused by males do.

One thing that I would like to tell those who question their sexual orientation is:

In veterinary medicine, it is absolutely common to masturbate males to collect their semen. This is common procedure specially regarding cattle. The point of me telling you this is that that BODY responds to stimulus. If you are a man and you were sexually aroused while abused by another man, this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with your orientation. It is a healthy (biologically speaking) reaction of your body to stimulus. Do NOT let the fact that you were aroused rise questions in your mind regarding your sexuality. Being aroused is BIOLOGICAL, not psychological.

My love to all of you. Mary