I just found out that the guy I've been seeing was abused by an older neighbor boy from the ages of 11-16. At first he said it was one rape attempt. Now, he has disclosed that it was long-term and involved oral contact (the boy to him--not back). My boyfriend says that he didn't know any better, he thought all guys did that with each other, and that the boy was teaching him about sexual stuff so it was fairly consensual (except for the young age). I'm confused. First, I wonder if he's bi because he did get aroused and do stuff consensually with another male. I also wonder if there is more to it because he wasn't honest with me at first, so I'm imagining all kinds of stuff (which he has denied). I was abused as a kid by my dad so I can't believe the stuff I'm thinking (blaming the victim, etc.) but I really don't understand how someone could be abused for so long, and at 16, and keep coming back for more? Please help me understand if there is a mindset that could allow all this to happen and still be a victim. I don't know why he told me if he wasn't, other than he is really tormented by it. He says he is not gay or bi at all, and he was just young, stupid, and easily persuaded by this boy who was four years older. Please advise.