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Dear J 210
It's horrible when people can't believe us. It;s their denial, and has nothing to do with us. My mother didn't believe me either about my father's raping me, and he kept doing it for years.
For me the hardest part has been learning to believe in myself.
I wish I could cry. I admire that you can. It's not something to be criticized: it's something to be proud of, that you can feel and express your feelings of hurt. I'm still so frozen that I can't cry, and can only barely feel sad.
Therapy, anti-depressants, and surrounding myself with believers and with nice people. That's what worked for me.
Keep posting, and keep believing.


I have recently found out that my boyfriend has been sexually abuse by his father and is also unable to feel emotions. As i am not experianced and have no idea what being abused from a male perspective is, i would be very grateful if you could drop him a line at adamdenney@hotmail.com
or me so i can try to understand and help him at KiteKat_50@hotmail.com