my boyfriend of two years just disclosed to me that he had been sexually abused by a female babysitter and his grandmother several times. i know he is going to get through this and is a wonderful man, but he has so many questions and doesn't know where to start. he is afraid to attempt the internet because of all the possible garbage that he could stumble on. i am going to intercept for him until he is stronger. does anyone have any good websites or books for boys abused by women? he is especially concerned because he became erect while he was touched by them and now feels that he is deviant in some way. i am trying to tell him that he was only eight and that it is not uncommon for victims to express some sort of stimulation. ( i have read that women rape victims will lubricate...) please, if you can, direct us where to go where he will be safe. he needs to be safe finally. he deserves it.