i am hoping that soemone can offer a light at the end of this dark tunnel we have found ourselves in....

recently, my husband told me about an experience where he was raped by an older friend whom he respected greatly. i think that he did not identify that experience as rape until we talked about it.

snce that time, his mental health has suffered greatly. he is paranoid and delusional and withdrawn. he goes for days with no sleep and when he does sleep, it is restless and full of nightmares of violent death.

i don't thimnk that he associates his current mental trauma with his memory of rape. he thinks hs is going crazy and there is no end in site.

i have attempted to give unquestioning a nd unconditioanl love and support. but it is difficult. i know that i can't helpo him alone, but he is adamant that no one is told about this. we need help.

two weeks ago he said he neeeded space and wanted to be alone. he asked me to leave. so i left our home and am now staying in a city 6 hours away and hace only spoken to him 2 times.

i want to help more than anything. i don't know if i did the right thing y leaving... i wonder if i should honor his request, or go home and be by his side....i'm lost and confused and scared and dont know what to do. can someone give me some advice or help????