hi guys,
I just wanna thank whoever started this site. it has been alot of help and alot of hurt for me to actually acknowlegde the reality of things. (whatever that means right) I let a buddy of mine read my story and he told me it was sad. I guess that is how i have always felt about myself sad. always me me me but its hard to say anything else when you are the one dealing with things in your head. sorry only time i get to write on this site is when im at work. so my spelling might be kinda screwed up. there are so many things i wanna say and its hard i have all the right things to say in my head but when it is put into actual words it comes out all screwed up. I guess you can say there is this like a wall in my mind which doesnt let my thoughts out. what i really wanna say. what i really feel. its hard you know when you think u aint got nobody and you feel as if noone understands. I wear a big smile but behind it is alot of hurt. this sounds like rambling huh? im sorry . next time ill think things out more clearly. anyhow thanks for listening whoever you guys are and would like to thank you once again for sharing your ideas and thoughts. auggie sad-puppy