ok, i'm getting a lot of mixed messages about therapy.

My boyfriend has just started in therapy. Most people seem to be stressing it's importance, even though it will be difficult. And indeed it is very difficult for him. It's like he gets worse after he comes tot his site or goes to therapy. The nightmares, the symptoms, dissociation, everything gets escalated. He's sleeping a lot more too, but he can't sleep so he just has more nightmares and wakes up screaming. Then he'll dissociate if it's bad enough. It's rough.

Some people I have talked to on here have said they went through similar experiences when they started coming here. I have talked to other people and they said that therapy isn't a good idea unless he is ready for it.

"Therapy is fucking hard - it's a gauntlet you have to run through and you have to be in good shape first. You have to be willing to admit the lies you tell yourself... and he can't even admit the realities that have been imposed upon him."

If he isn't ready to talk about it then is therapy gonna do anything? But if he doesn't start therapy how is he gonna be ready to talk about it?

What do you think?

oh, & happy holiday's, folks.