Thank you so much for your input its really helpful and i am really grateful for you taking the time to share. I am planning to visit him and my other friends this summer after school ends. Which is soon so i probuly won't have much time to post.

But you have been a lot of help and given me a lot to think about. When he's a bit more better, i'll give him this web address and the other stuff i found. I think he'll find it a comfort for him to know he isn't alone in what he went through, if that makes any sense.

Anyway thanks, and i do mean thanks really. I'll be leaving in the next few days and to be totally truthful i'm not sure when or if i'll be able to visit this website again. It all depends on if i need further advice or support from here.

I think he'll be alright, i hope so. He's got a lot to deal with i understand, but we'll all be there for him.

If i were religious then i'd bless you for your help. Since i'm not then you're just going to have to make do with my thanks and know that i mean it with all my heart.

I laugh at everything in that life doesn't have a chance to laugh at me.