I'm going to try to write this quite anomasusly because if my friend finds out i posted this i doubt that he'll be happy.

I've read a few of your posts and i feel rather frustrated-i've never really been S A myself and i feel rather well off about that i guess. What i say might get ur backs up a bit cause i guess i might be a little ignorant.

I'm 17 and my name is rage mainly to do with the fact that i'm so angry with the guy that hurt my friend. I don't know who hurt him but when i find out i want to kill him. I'm not alone in that.

My friend is sixteen, and the bastard who hurt him not only S A him but also drugged and beat him up to an inch of his life. It was bad to put it shortly. The doctors told us about what had happened after they checked him over and did operations on him. I think the operations were to sort out internal bleeding and stuff.

Its really confusing and i don't know where else to talk about this.

He's taken to doing some odd things that i was wondering whether they were really odd or not. Like he hides under the bed and behind sofas and stuff. Which he shouldn't be doing since he's not supposed to be walking yet.

He also hates it when people touch him and he's afraid of knieves. Which i guess is because he was stabbed as well. He has nightmares all the time and will sometimes have one even when he's awake.

He won't tell us about it and its so frustrating.

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