Dear Members,

Do to the recent events it has shown me that it is time for me to do my job. So because of this am updating our board software. During this update the board will be unavailable during the hours of 2pm to 12am (PST).

During these hours the chatroom will be up and running. My updates will not affect the chatroom or the main site. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at Before this update there will be NO NEED FOR YOU TO BACKUP THREADS AND PMS. ALL THREADS AND PMS WILL BE THERE WAITING FOR YOU ONCE THE UPDATE IS DONE.

During the update the chatroom will be available click here. If for some reason the update takes longer then 2 hours I will post a notice on our main webpage click here I will also be in the chatroom after 12am if am unable to get the board up by 12am (PST).

Thank you for your understanding and patience’s during this update.