Hey, Guys...

One of the things that got me to wondering about whether my childhood SA might be rearing up again is that I have been in discussions with my wife and with my therapist about my seemingly regular need to change jobs. Fortunately, I am always changing to jobs that are higher in status and/or salary, so it's not that I'm not employable....Nor does it mean that I can't hold a job. I can generally stay in one place for 3-5 years before getting itchy feet.

In a meeting with my therapist this summer she asked me, "What would it feel like to you to actually stay in one place and make the situation work for you?" I didn't have a ready answer for this question, as it's been my pattern to either get things worked around to the way I want/like them...and then I resign and go on to other (I won't even say "greener" pastures).

My question is, does anyone else have this need to keep moving along? Am I unusual? Any insights are appreciated.

Dynamite Don