What should I do first? I rememeber his name, and the three guys that know him all of sudden refuse to get involved. I think I filed a police report 2o some odd yrs ago, not sure tho! Now these guys i entrusted my trust to them and they and now they are denying that the abuser was abusing them (mentally-sexual inuendos which were the same as he said to me 21 yrs ago.I now know I must first go the library find the old the address, he no longer lives there, but at least I can find his name, go from there.

I will write the church one more time and ask for a confrontantional meeting with him, if they say no, then I have a right to confront him if I find where he lives. All this will be done diplomatically and very sincerely.

I confronted my dad, and I mean no one has any right to abuse anyone physically, emotionally- the ultimate is sexual violation of our bodies.

Thanks for listening,
Im going to start counseling again and I think the new medicine is working , I seem to feel better each day.


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