As I read all the post and replies, I read of a lot of men going to men's groups. I would really like to be in a men's group for abused men but I can't find any in Baltimore or around it . I don't want to drive the 50 miles to DC unless that is the only group that I can find. If ANYONE knows where in or around Baltimore that there is a men's group or where I could get help to find one...Please let me know!
There is a men's group that I go to once a week...my wife found it for me and goes with me and sets in the car for an hour. The "SA", WOW...these men are really far out! Most of them are hide any where and jack off type of guys! Some have too many girl friends. No one said anything about being abused as a kid and having act it out problems. We set in a 30' circle for 60 minites...30 to 40 men. I'm afraid to say anything to the group, so I set there and listen. One jack off story after another...talk about triggers...this drives me nuts!!! When it is over, I'm gone as fast as I can get pass everyone huging each other and trading phone numbers. My wife wants to know how it went...I'm kind of in shock and try to explan it but I never get it right. These guys are way too friendly for me right now, maybe in time? I can't see myself getting up and saying that I'm Eddie a sexolic and telling my story and why I'm there, they would want to kill me! Got to go at 1930 tonight, Hope that tonight is not the night that I have a panic attack and go nuts on these people!