Hey David..

I too am quite artistic and struggly with sexual identity.
I was telling my fioncee the other night how I felt sometimes like a woman trapped in a man's body. I don't like sports, I don't like degrading jokes, I cry, I want to share my feelings, I don't want shallow mates I want long lasting imtimate friendships, I like to paint, I'm a performing artist and when their's groozy music on I'm the first up and dancing..

All these traits ment I always seemed to get on better with girls...

But its only lately that I've actually found guy friends who are the same as me... and weren't abused, and don't question their hetrosexuality...

My fioncee tell's me that I'm not the odd one out... every other guy is !

Your certainly not gay 'cos you like art, or 'cos you don't oogle girls...

And as you keep going to therapy you'll work out whether your fantasisies are your real identity.. or just left over abuse stuff..

For me it was just left over abuse stuff.. and the fantasies were more about me wanting to be a man and "get" some manhood, then about being gay..

So don't feel alone.. your not the only one !

Hope that's encouraging for your healing..
It really does sort itself out over time (with a lot of pain and love from others) but it's worth it in the end..

Matt \:\)