Well, I'm have been thinking about joining and finally did it. Its difficult. I'm not in any group but am in therapy. (and have been for quite some time)

I was emotionally abused by my mom growing up and am married with kids. I suppose I have all the classic symptoms and wonder if I will ever heal. . . or what healing means. I'm angry that others don't have these problems. My intensity makes me so great - while at the same time it makes me so weak -- and dare I say it - suicidal.

I am trying to build a positive sexual relationship with my wife. I have all kinds of gender and identity issues. I was the third parent in my parents' relationship. My father told me "as an artist -- I should have been a girl." and my mom well. . . lets not go there. Everything became sexual with her -- men were/are bad. She even sexualizes my 8 year old. I want her out of my life - yet i struggle with keeping some relation with her. Sometimes I just don't know why.

I have come to this site a few times - and the chat function doesn't seem to be popular.

I look forward to meeting and talking with people here.