Walking with Victor Justice at the 201 Club.

As I have walked the halls of the MN State Capital (201 Club) these last 4 weeks lobbying for changes to the Statute of Limitations on CSA my little buddy has been at my side. Victor Justice my yellow teddy bear is helping me get through the ups and downs of the day. The site of a 53-year-old man walking with his teddy bear sure turns the heads of the passer byes. The teddy bears are the symbol of our lost innocence and our lost childhood. Victor is for all my brothers here at male survivors; all the victories that we have made to become survivors. Justice is for what I seek, Justice for victims of child sexual abuse.
I have talked with 80 members of the 201 Club about the need to pass our bill and have gotten very positive responses from most. Itís hard to believe that I can talk with 15 people a day about the evils of CSA and the personal affects it has had on me. I start out by telling about the need to change the age from 24 to 48 by which one has to sue. I give them the short story about being raped by Father Ryan but then talk about how I told on Father. I speck about the gang of audits that conspired to steal my civil rights. When I told on Father at the age of 11 all these grown ups started raping my mind. They told me they would help but all they wanted was to cover their ass. They talked me into not going to the police," all the boys and girl will know what Father did to you Tom let the church board deal with it."
What a fool I was, that fucking gang of audits raped me over and over again as they put me on trail and told me their didnít believe me. The anger just overwhelmed me. I make sure that all the member of the 201 Club knows what that did to me. Dealing with the trauma of being raped by Father Ryan was minor compared to what the gang of audits did to me. I then talk about how society has failed all victims of SA in so many ways for the last 50+ years.
You only get about 10-15 minutes with the reps so you have to keep it moving. I try to get them to join the conversation and let me know where they stand on the issue. This is where they scribe ends and you have to be ready to go in any direction they take you.

I have found the greatest support from the RC's (Roman Catholic) Reps. They are so pissed at the church and look at this bill as a way to force the church to do the right thing. I must say that when I find out they are RC I pull out my full story scribe. About Father Ryan telling me " God wants you to do this for me" and him crushing my testicles because I was getting away from his evil. The fact that my right side was so damaged it never grew to be a man. The fact that I couldnít father children and the side effects I have to live with today. I can see that they feel my pain.

At the end of all my meetings I give them a copy of MaleSurvivorsís home page and tell them they are lots of information to be had at our web site. Also I leave them with a 5x7 of the handout, Teach the children to never hide in the silence. "This is what it is all about for me, helping protect todayís kids Ď I tell them. Brian Z your photo really crabs them deep down and it forces them to think about the children.
This bill has an excellent chance of passing if we can keep it in the pure state. I can feel God's power at work all over at the capital; he is moving people to action. I know that the church will be sending there high paid Lobbyist out to do battle against our side. We can argue against them point for point and win overwhelmingly. Still lots of hard work to do but we are making process at changing the way the world deals with victims of childhood sexual abuse. Muldoon

Teach the Children to Never Hide in the Silence