Before I was 8 years-old, I toke turns to sleep with my parents. Sometimes they would drink and have sex when I was between them.
Like they didn't notice me or something and when it came to needing their protection they didn't notice ethier.
After the devoirce, which most thought it was because of her drinking, My Dad had gotten really lonely and was drinking.
I don't know how many times my Dad and I had sex together after the devorice, too numberess to remeber, but to the point were my penis was suck loose at the tip, causing a tear and bleeding. I healed but haven't been able to pee stright, in a single line since, a reminder of what happened for the rest of my life.
My getting hurt on top of his drinking made my Dad depressed, to the point of getting out the shout-gun to kill himself and me with him. I toke the shells and hide'd them, but he did try to shoot us together. I talked him in finding someone else to marry, and we went bar hopping, and wife hunting.
My Dad did find someone else, and my brothers and sisters and my self were treated like Cinderalla and her stepmother.
So all of my brothers and sisters and myself
had moved out when we can, for me that was almost thirty years ago.
I had flashbacks of my life when I was younger and of the voilents I've lived through and last year July 2000 I went to a resdentual thirdy day treatment center to quit self medicating myself of my feelings.
My Dad had came to Alaska to visit then but I didn't want to talk to him after I told him of some of the things I remebered, and he didn't want to stay around for my oldest sons confermation at church.
So yesterday one of my sisters called and said that my Dad is coming to Alaska again to visit for two weeks. I had to many broken promises from him. I don't know, if I should see him again? or let him come to my house?
or what or how, I'd act around him?
fmighell Anc Ak