First, I want to thank everyone that kindly responded to my first post, I really appreciate your kind words. Now that I've been more open, and started talking about my incident, I have a few questions I hope you people can help me answer.

1. Is going to counseling absolutely necessary, because I'm still not all too comfortable with what happened to me, and I don't see myself talking about it so openly to almost anyone else.

2. If it is that beneficial and necessary, I have another problem. I am a poor college student, with literally no money to spare, and I think the only way I could afford help is through my parents. They are not the ones that abused me, but I just feel to embarassed to tell them what happened. Did any of you feel the same way? If you did, how did you overcome that fear?

3. I was also wondering is it normal to try to deny everything that happened, and at times think your crazy for even having the flashbacks and memories?

4. Is counseling my only option, or are there groups out there that can help with this type of thing?

Thanks for listening to my concerns because I really need the advice on where to go from here.