Hi, I came across this website today after looking up symptoms of being abused as a child to somehow prove that it did not happen to myself once again. You see the thing is I broke up with my girlfriend 4 years ago, because I had this flashback of the sexual abuse, then told her, and then I couldn't stand to be with her anymore, it just killed me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've been in denial for four years now, and even now I'm still trying to deny what happened, but with the realization that the memories or flashbacks have not faded at all since then, I realize I need some support, so I decided to try this place. I've never really felt comfortable talking about my experience, and I still do not to this day, but I feel I've got to start to talk this out, or it will consume me. I mean I haven't really had a good relationship since I've started having these flashbacks, and really can't get close to anyone anymore. I just felt it was time to talk to others that could relate to me, and tell me I'm not crazy, what I'm going through is normal, because I honestly don't know what is normal since I've never really tlaked to anyone about it. One more question, how long did it take all of you to finally come to terms with everything, because even though my memories of the incident become more clear, it just makes me want to ignore them even more, if that makes any sense.