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Forgiveness is a hard thing to do . Some of us may never be able to find it in our heart. I have never ben able to find it . Some others may say that they have forgiven . but down deep have they truly forgiven ?

I see that 100 replys have ben sent to this subject ,it must of touched a nerve
I have truly forgiven.

I was reading a story this morning about the parents of a girl, named Reena Virk, who was murdered in Canada a few years ago. She was 15 years old. A group of other kids started bullying her and then a couple of them went too far and beat her to death. It was a horrible, mindless crime and it shocked the nation.

One of Reena's killers came up for parole this past summer, and to everyone's surprise, her parents supported his parole application. Reena's mother said, "she was thankful that he had taken responsibility for his actions and expressed the hope that he would truly love and respect others for the rest of his life."

Forgiveness does not come easily, and it doesn't erase what happened in the past, but it does come. In this case, Reena Virk's parents saw past their own anguish and forgave their daughter's murderer, and at the same time they helped him gain a bit of hope for his own future. Nothing has changed about his crime, and he is still in the custody of the justice system, but by forgiving him, Reena's parents have shown that they believe in hope.

I am a survivor and a father, and I can honestly tell you that I would endure anything, even another rape, to save my child. I can't even imagine how I would live if someone killed him. Yet these people, who lost their baby to a stupid, mindless crime, were able to forgive their child's killer and help him on his way to rehabilitation.

Food for thought.

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