I just want to acknowledge all of my brothers opinions about this subject. Your opinions are very important to me and i learned alot about past expereinces from your thoughts.

For me, i forgave the perps. I hold the power now over one who is still alive. I forgave in my heart, but never expressed it verbually to him and not sure if i ever will. That is the way i see it for me, sounds sound of stange, but it works for me.

I did for me, not them. I am still fucken pissed and angry with them though. I forgave, but will never forget.

I didn't make a conscience decision to sit down and do it, at a certain time etc... It just happened one day out of the blue.

Doing this for me caused my anxiety level to diminish to a level that was manageable. I knew after i did this that i can go back to work. Was off on disability at that time. Have been back to work fulltime about 2 years now.

THought i would share my experence with you all.


I can't come to the phone right now, I am out living my life

*** WoR Retreat Alumni - Alta 2005 ***