It's a hard one.
Some believe that perps, out to control, or to have power over someone else, and that may be true with some and may be why young boys get abused.
It can be because of lonelyness.

Lonelyness or control or power are feelings.
We'er all of the human race and have feelings.

Feelings, when grown-ups, desire to re-produce, the release of the drive, to release sperm. To do this sex thing with someone. With out this sex with someone then we'ed get lonely, the human race would die.
The control or power can be this drive we have as human, for someone.

Babys when deprived contact with other humans, die.

When abused too much, we get out of control,
ourself's out of it, we loose touch with normal life.

I would want sex as a boy to find out about it and about my sexual ablities, and as I got older, sex wasn't for reproducing, it is for orgasm, intense excitment, without it life get's by, kinda boring after all the excitment, or kinda lonely.

These days sex isn't that exciting, with time as the sun moves from the east to the west, one day at the time, and with professional help, and settling down for me getting married and caring for our kids, like I would like to have been cared for.

fmighell Anc Ak \:\)