I watched that last episode too and thought the same thing kinda. I wish I had friendships as good as theirs. Mine just don't seem honest. I'm not myself around them (I'm not myself around anyone actually), so I guess I'm the one being dishonest. But I still envy the kind of friendships they had (without all the MTV Real World drama).

That post "Don't Be Fooled By Me" by fatkid_1000pd is exactly how I feel. I'm sad and lonely too, and I don't let anyone know it except here. I depress myself by not letting myself be myself. But I am on medication for depression now, and I will start therapy to deal with other stuff sometime soon, so I have a little hope for myself. Don't give up. Most people don't show it but feel really lonely too.

In the name of the Anger, and of the Sadness, and of the Unholy Fear. Amen.