Hello All,

I've got a question that I'm hoping for some thoughts on.

I started confronting my incest/abuse two years ago (it happened when I was 6-9, I am 32 now). I first began because I was so depressed and anxiety-ridden that I had to confront it. I'd literally hit bottom. So after talking to a therapist, I went home and confronted my abuser/sister (who is 7 years older than me). Things went pretty well.

Well, after not doing too much more work and no more therapy, the anxiety returned. Now I have it almost everyday. It usually flares up by about 4pm, but often I wake with it and have it throughout the day. Or sometimes I get a couple hours (coffee, newspaper) and then it starts.

Has anybody else been through this? Does it stop when you learn more about yourself and the abuse? Are anti-anxiety drugs a good idea?

Basically, it feels like my skull is being rained on (no, hailed on) from the inside out. And it makes it difficult to interact socially.

Does it help when you tell friends about the abuse? WIll doing so "release" this pressure, or is this a very long haul?

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty naive and new. I'd appreciate anything anyone could offer. Much thanks.

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