If you think you have something to offer this organization to help male survivors and those who care about them, please consider becoming a member of the board of directors of NOMSV. We are looking for individuals who have the time and energy to help us become a better organization to meet our present and future goals. This is an organization that needs energy and vision to grow. Our board members need to be willing and able to spend several hours a week in our efforts to help male survivors. (For more information on the committees, see the website, and go to “Directory” and “Committees”.)

The term for board positions will be one to three year terms, assuming the proposed bylaw changes are approved. Each board member is required to personally attend two board meetings per year at his/her own expense, including the conference site when there is a conference. However, because we are scattered throughout the US and Canada, our policy is to divide up the expenses equally so that those whose travel costs are higher are reimbursed by those whose costs are lower. The board recognizes that travel expenses may be a financial hardship for some board members to attend the meetings as well as the conference (which is one of the board meetings during a conference year), so the organization sets aside money in the budget for subsidizing some of the expenses for those who cannot afford the costs. We hope the conference will be a financial success that will provide more funding for board members to attend the meetings, but at this point, we cannot guarantee a larger subsidy.

Since most of our work is done via email, all board members will need to have access to email and be able to respond in a timely manner. In addition, we operate through committees or work groups. While not every board member is the head of a committee, each board member serves on one or more committees. For more information about the duties of the officers and board members at large, see the article by Don Wright in the latest issue of the newsletter, which may be accessed on the home page.

In addition to mental health professionals and survivors with passion and energy for the work, the board needs people with organizational skills and experience in such fields as accounting, fundraising, grant writing, public relations, and law.  If you are interested in being nominated for a board membership, please send me a letter stating that you would like to be considered; what you believe you could bring to the organization in terms of skills, interests, or experience; and whether you are willing to be identified as a survivor of sexual abuse. Please enclose a resume. You can mail this information to NOMSV, PMB 103, 5505 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20015-2601, or you can email it to me at with an attachment in Word or WordPerfect.

The NOMSV nominating committee will review the applications and select six persons as a slate we believe would best help the organization. Those who are not among the board’s recommended slate can still run for the board and will be given opportunity to solicit votes from the membership. Remember, you cannot run for the board unless you are a current member of the organization. The deadline for submitting applications is July 16, 2001. We will send out ballots with all the nominees’ names and brief biography and statement to our members in good standing by August 1. Since we want the new board members to be at the conference for the next board meeting, we will need to close the election by September 1 in order to give the new board members enough time to register for the conference and make travel arrangements if they have not done so by then.

This organization needs an active and committed board of directors to best serve our membership and male survivors and their loved ones who look to us for information and leadership. In a recent seven day period, our website had over 64,000 hits which indicates our message is being heard and we are reaching an enormous number of people who are interested in our cause. I hope you will consider running for the board. If you cannot do this, I hope you will volunteer to be on one of our committees, attend a survivor retreat, or somehow make a contribution to help others. I hope you will attend our conference in New York in October.

Ken Singer, LCSW
President, NOMSV