you say that at least the dogs understand. what about your family? this is what happened to me.I put the abuse out of my head for years and years, and then when I remembered it I took it out on everyone else, like I thought that I deserved that cause the world treated me shitty. I had affairs, I went to porn sites, I yelled at my wife and kids, I drank too much, and then she finally left me and I thought okay, who needs this. I was working with a shrink, and now I'm getting my act together. But I don't have my wife and kids. now I know how stupid I was.I thought I was allowed to do all of those things because I thought I deserved it cause of what happened to me, but all I did was hurt other people. alot of you guys say your in apartments and that the wife left you but what did you do to her? you say that she does't understand, but did you tell her how hard it is and how you want to cry all the time? you say that the dog understands but you had people that wanted to help you but you didn't let them.

And you know this, that I let my attacker win. my life is a mess because of what he did. you guys, don't let your whole life get ****ed up like mine, the best thing that you do is to go to your attacker and say, Man, you did this to me, but you didn't ruin my life, cause you're not worth losing everything did this to me but I win cause I have my wife and kids and family and parents and job and my LIFE. show him that you got past it, cause otherwise he wins. show him that what he did isn't your life.