Told me on Thursday that she was leaving the practice where she is and was not sure where she would be going but it would most likely not be local. It seems that she travels over an hour or so to get to where we meet now and she needs to be somewhere near home. She was not even sure when she would start seeing clients again. SHe needs a break.

I can't make a long trip to get to therapy. I just can't. Hell, I am anxious enough about going and I do not need to make an hour long drive thinking about how the session might go. I was just starting to feel really comfortable with her too. Shit.

I had a really terrible experience with the person I was seeing before her. He was getting quite personal with me and we had one session where he had started yelling at me and I just lost it. I started dissociating and do not even remember getting up and leaving his office. I never went back. The worst part is that he had been doing EMDR therapy with me and after the last session it was like all the work we had done was erased.

I have major trust issues and I had a hard time getting up the nerve to go and see this woman I have been going to and now it is ending with her. I am so overwhelmed right now and I am not sure what I will do.

Thanks for listening.